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Do you know what an apron feeder is?

The apron feeder is a kind of bulk material conveying equipment. This equipment can convey both fine materials with a particle size of less than 5mm and bulk materials over 1m. The apron feeder designed and produced by Juli Machinery has the functions of strong adaptability, adjustable conveying capacity and continuous and uniform conveying of various materials. It is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical, metallurgy and other work departments.

The apron feeder has the outstanding advantages of large traction, low power consumption, low wear, less material leakage, stable operation, reliable work, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

1. The groove plate adopts double arc plates to effectively prevent material leakage.

2. The traction chain adopts a separate structure for load-bearing and traction, which improves the impact load capacity of the board feeder.

3. The tail tensioning device is equipped with a disc spring, which can slow down the impact load of the chain and improve the service life of the chain.

4. There is a sleeper at the tail to absorb shock, and a special shock-absorbing roller support in the middle,which improves the force condition of the large material impacting the rollers and groove plates on both sides and increases the life of the running parts.

5. The specially strengthened head cover and the lower cover are separable to the left and right, which does not hinder the lifting of the crusher rotor body.

6. The head is equipped with a sprocket with 13-15 teeth, and the odd and even teeth are driven separately to increase the life.

7. The sprocket of the head device is cut into 3 teeth, and the teeth can be replaced without removing the chain plate, which is easy to maintain.