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How is the sound enclosure of the vibration plate sound-insulated?

The following introduces how the sound insulation cover of the vibration plate is sound-insulated:

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Vibration disk soundproof cover is a small room or room with good sound insulation performance in the local environment space with strong noise to form a quiet room or room to protect the hearing of staff. The sound insulation facility on the vibration plate is called the vibration plate sound insulation cover. It consists of a layer of metal shell with a certain weight and rigid airtightness, and a sound insulation and noise reduction device refined by a special process with additional sound-absorbing materials inside. The outer layer is usually made of 1-2mm thick steel plate, and the inner layer is coated with damping paint, asphalt and other damping layers, the purpose is to prevent the matching effect and low frequency resonance of the steel plate. In order to improve the noise reduction effect, another layer of sound-absorbing material (such as glass wool, micro-perforated plate, etc.) is placed on the inner layer. There must be a gap between the vibration plate and the sound insulation cover, between the machine and the support of the sound insulation cover, the sound insulation cover and the foundation Should be added between the shock absorber.

Vibration disk soundproof cover should not only consider the sound insulation performance, but also take into account the convenience of observation, easy access, not affecting the normal transportation in the workshop, and power supply and ventilation in the room. Generally, materials or structures with good sound insulation performance are used for the outer wall of the soundproof cover, such as brick, concrete, and plasterboard wall. The soundproof window is used for the observation part, and the soundproof door or sound absorption channel is used for the entrance and exit parts.