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Is there any good way to prevent the vibration disk from scratching?

Vibrating plate is a modern high-tech product, which is a necessary product to solve industrial automation feeding. Its work is the auxiliary feeding equipment of automatic assembly or automatic processing machinery, which is an indispensable equipment in the industry. So how to protect the tumbler, and the prevention of scratches has become the focus of the industry. Today I will share three tips for preventing scratches on the vibrating disk:

Surface Feeder

Vibrating disk
Tip 1: Vibration platform
Surface Feeder are generally divided into electromagnetic vibration platforms and motorized vibration platforms, mainly for vertical vibration or horizontal vibration. Motorized vibration platforms can also realize asynchronous three-dimensional vibration. It is mainly used to vibrate granular and powdery materials or freely drop small workpieces whose directions can be distinguished into the assembly position for the next round of processing.

Tip two: spray glue on the hopper
The vibrating disk hopper sprays glue, which can greatly reduce the friction between the vibrating disk and the vibrating material, so as to prevent scratches.
Tip three: full wave vibration
Using full wave vibration, full wave vibration is relatively stable, which can reduce the vibration friction between the vibrating material and the vibrating disk hopper.