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Material Handling Safety Tips

Historically, family had to be somewhat self-sufficient, growing or making most of the things it needed for itself. As society evolved, it became apparent that some folks had talent toward one task or another and they began to specialize in certain goods or services. Implementing the concept of specialization meant that everybody started manufacturing what they were best equipped to produce. Since various goods where now being made in several places, a system had to be devised to move things around to where they were needed. Shipping and receiving has been a vital part of the economy since the inception of doing business.

Shipping has evolved into a highly specialized industry with several offspring. For example, various goods require various methods of shipping and from that need came the need for special containers that could be built to the exact specifications of the sender, so that the freight would arrive safely to its destination.

The boxes, crates, tanks and palettes used to in shipping are designed, not only for efficiency, but for the safety of the handlers as well. Though heavy moving equipment is often used for big hauls, people are still the backbone of the industry. After all, someone has to load the machines, right?

Small items must be packed into smaller boxes, not only so they won’t scatter and break, but also so they will be a more manageable weight for the people who have to get them from the boat to the truck, for example. Palettes should be designed and filled so that they can lie flat, with their weight evenly distributed. That way the vehicle they’re traveling in will be securely balanced.

The work should start before a single item is lifted. Many accidents can be avoided simply by taking time to prepare. Determine if the load is too heavy or awkwardly shaped for one person. If it is, you’re obviously going to need to enlist the help of a buddy. Next, discuss where the load needs to go and the best route to get it there. This will save a lot of time and strain wasted by trial and error. Also, check the containers for any defects, splinters, cracks or China Wholesale Belt Conveyors Wholesale, before starting the move, to prevent any injury.

The foremost rule in lifting is not to get hurt. The best way to start off is on solid ground. Make sure you have good footing. Next, remember to keep your back straight. Lift from you knees and use your waist to turn, not your neck and shoulders. Keep your hands protected with gloves that are appropriate for the job you’re doing. Anytime there’s lifting going one, something is probably going to get dropped. Protective footwear is essential. Most companies require their employees to have steel-toed boots, and many even supply an allowance for that purpose.

The two biggest mistakes a shipping company can make is failing to adequately train their employees on material moving safety and suffering a show-off. There’s at least one person on every crew who feels the need to boast about his strength. When your job depends on your muscles, it’s stupid to injure one being silly. That kind of attitude gets people hurt. Proper preparation will keep everyone safe and efficient.