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What are the configuration requirements of the material transfer pump in the beer equipment?

The material delivery pump in the saccharification room of beer equipment refers to the delivery of mash and wort. Mash is a suspension with a large amount of solids and a certain viscosity. Although the wort has undergone solid-liquid separation, the wort contains a large amount of colloidal substances, including some large molecular weight proteins, dextrins and polysaccharides. , Also has a relatively high viscosity.

In order to ensure the quality of products, modern beer brewing technology has strict requirements on the material transportation process, including not generating large shear forces, not inhaling air, and not generating splashes and large amounts of foam. In order to shorten the saccharification process time, a relatively short delivery time is required, and no material deposits are allowed. Therefore, the pump used in the saccharification chamber requires that its structure and operation state cannot use ordinary centrifugal pumps, low voltage motor but can meet the requirements of special brewing Pump .

The special brewing pump used in the saccharification room has the following requirements:

1. Low head and low speed. The head is mostly controlled at 8~15m, and the speed is controlled at 800~960r/min. The purpose is to prevent the particles and shells from breaking up and generating high shear force to dissolve the sticky substance.

2. Large cavity, small impeller, the high cavity section of the pump is a large diameter cylinder, and the space occupied by the impeller is relatively small. This is to prevent the material from generating high squeezing force in the pump and to prevent high temperature during transportation.

3. The double-end bearing of the pump must ensure a good sealing condition, which can be a water seal to prevent a large amount of air inhalation during the conveying process, which is unfavorable to the anaerobic requirement of the saccharification process. The configuration of the saccharification chamber pump takes the amount of material and the delivery time as the basic requirements. There are also some to meet the process requirements or meet the linear speed requirements. A brief introduction is as follows:

Pour mash pump: gelatinization pot to saccharification pot, saccharification pot to filter tank, speed: ≤960r/min; head: 10~12m; flow rate: ensure that the full volume of mash is delivered within 15 minutes, these two pumps cannot be shared , Because the delivery volume is more than doubled.

Wort filter pump: send to the middle tank or boiling pot, speed: ≤960r/min; head: 10~12m; flow: 2 times the total amount of the first wort, use a frequency converter to control the flow, for the wort filter In the saccharification room, the head requirements are higher, which can reach more than 25m.

Wort pump: the boiling pot is sent to the whirlpool, the speed: ≤960r/min; the head: 30~40m; the flow: 4 times of the final wort output, the flow is controlled by the frequency converter.

The vortex tank sends the thin plate cooler, speed: ≤960r/min; head: 30~40m; flow: twice the final wort output, that is, the cooling is controlled within 30 minutes, and the maximum cooling time must not exceed 45 minutes. Use a frequency converter to control the flow