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What is the difference between electromagnetic and piezoelectric vibration disks?

The following introduces the difference between electromagnetic and piezoelectric vibrating disks:

1. The electromagnetic vibration plate is powered by an electromagnetic vibrator, which converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy. There is a pulsed electromagnet under the hopper, which can make the hopper vibrate in the vertical direction. Due to the inclination of the springs of multiple groups (3 groups and above) To make the hopper torsionally vibrate around its vertical axis. Due to this vibration, the parts in the hopper rise along the spiral track until they are sent to the discharge port.

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2. Piezoelectric vibrating plate is a new type of vibration feeding device that uses piezoelectric ceramics as a driving source. It uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric plates to generate vibration, and as a driving source drives the material tank to realize the transportation of materials. It has many features that are not available in traditional vibration feeding devices:

1. The structure is simple, installation and maintenance are more convenient;
2. The use of piezoelectric sheets as the driving source does not require driving devices such as motors, electromagnetic shakers, or mechanical transmission parts such as shafts, rods, belts, etc. The structure is simple and easy to manufacture;
3. By changing any of the amplitude, pulse width and frequency in the drive signal, the delivery rate can be adjusted, with many control parameters and good controllability;
4. No rotation inertia, almost no acceleration and deceleration process, quick start and stop, fast response performance;
5. No interference electromagnetic field is generated, and it is not affected by the electromagnetic interference signal;
6. Working in low frequency or ultrasonic section, low noise;
7. Work under resonance or without resonance, so the energy consumption is low;
8. The Flender gearbox is slightly inadequate, and it is not possible to transport heavy materials. Therefore, most of these devices are used for the micro or precision transportation of materials.