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What is the role of the inverter? What are the functions?

The frequency converter is usually used to adjust the power of the motor and realize the variable speed operation of the motor to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

The function of the inverter is as follows:

1. The motor and equipment can be stopped in a controlled manner, making the entire equipment and system safer, and the life will increase accordingly.

2. The acceleration function can be controlled, so as to smoothly accelerate according to the needs of users.

Frequency Convertor

3. Can reduce the impact on the grid, it will not cause the problem of excessive peak-valley difference.

4. Control the starting current of the motor, fully reduce the starting current, and reduce the maintenance cost of the motor.

5. Can reduce the wear of mechanical transmission components, thereby reducing procurement costs, while improving system stability.

6. Reduce the motor starting current, provide more reliable variable voltage and frequency.

7. Complete control functions, can be well matched with other control equipment and instruments, to achieve centralized real-time monitoring and control of systematic networking, integrated development, saving users the trouble of type selection, system compatibility, and cost.

8. Optimize the technological process, and can change rapidly according to the technological process, and can also realize the speed change through the remote control PLC or other controllers.

9. Multiple protection makes the inverter highly intelligent, which not only protects its own safe and normal use, but also greatly protects the safe operation of the front and rear equipment.

10. Effectively reduce the reactive power loss and increase the active power of the power grid.