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What problems should be paid attention to when replacing the bearing of the vibration plate?

Here are some problems that need to be paid attention to when replacing the bearing of the vibrating disk.

1. When lubricating grease is added to the deceleration Electric Motor, the model must meet the lubrication requirements of the vibrating disk. The lipid must be clean, and the amount of grease should not be too much, usually lower than 66.7% of the bearing oil chamber. After lubricating, the grease barrel must be properly covered to prevent messy materials and dust from falling into the barrel.

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2. Before installing the end cover, use thick copper wire to extend from the bearing assembly hole to hook the inner bearing cover to facilitate the assembly of the outer bearing cover.

3. When extracting and loading the rotor, it must be done step by step according to the requirements, and the stator winding cannot be damaged.

4. Do not directly hit the parts with a hammer when disassembling and installing. Instead, use copper rods or hardwood to strike.

5. When the bearing is loaded by the hot sleeve method, the temperature rise temperature should be as low as 100 ℃, the temperature rise temperature of the coupling and the pulley can be slightly higher, the knocking should be reduced as much as possible, and must not be hit hard.

6. Before and after disassembly and installation, test the insulation of the vibration coil winding and the DC resistance of the winding.

7. The tools for adding grease should be clean and professional tools to avoid staining the grease.

8. Maintenance files are required for disassembly and installation of each vibration plate, grease cyclone or bearing replacement.