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How to reform the belt conveyor equipment?

In many companies, especially in the building materials industry, belt conveyors are essential production equipment, and the liner of the belt conveyor funnel and chute wears very quickly during use, resulting in a large amount of steel consumption.

The lining of the funnel and chute of the belt conveyor consumes a lot in the production process of some enterprises. Through technical transformation, the service life of the lining of the funnel and chute is more than doubled, which greatly reduces the consumption of steel.

After continuous exploration and summarization, we have modified the funnel and chute liners to greatly increase the service life of the liners and greatly reduce the consumption of steel.

There are three main types of liner wear:

1. The bulk material jumps on the liner during the falling process, thus impacting the liner and causing wear.

2. The material directly impacts the liner, causing damage to the liner;

3. The powdery material slides on the liner and friction with the surface of the liner causes irregular wear;

According to the comprehensive analysis of the above problems, after many tests (have used cast steel liner, cast manganese 13 liner, etc., although it has certain effects, but the cost is high, and it is inconvenient to replace) through practice, we believe that the following solutions are effective Better and easy to implement.

1. The head funnel of the belt conveyor is transformed into a right-angle funnel. Because the belt speed of the belt conveyor is different, the bottom of the funnel is appropriately lengthened or shortened according to the different material discharge points. The bottom liner is removed to reduce the weight of the funnel and make the material flow There is a certain accumulation at the bottom of the funnel, so that the material will not directly impact and wear the funnel, thereby increasing the service life of the funnel and greatly reducing the wear of the material to the liner.

2. Transform the flat liner in the chute into a vertical liner so that the gaps of the vertical liner will be full of materials, basically forming the condition of abrasive materials, and the wear of the material on the liner will be greatly reduced.

Through actual application, the effect is very good, not only saving a lot of steel plates for lining (the original 14-16 mm thick steel plate is used as the lining plate, now it is enough to use 8-10 mm thick steel plate), but also greatly reducing maintenance manpower .