• The ribs are made of carbon steel, the augers and blades are stainless steel
    • Adopting advanced non-equal pitch screw shaft blades and the transition from the beginning and end of the blade
    • Blades are made of highly wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials for long service life
    • Smooth feed, high blade strength, and wear resistance
    • Improve the force state of the blade to prevent the blade from being welded or the tip of the blade being stressed
    • Avoid reverse welding of the blade due to fatigue damage
    • Expand the inspection door and increase the split flange to facilitate maintenance inspection.


    The new screw feeder designed and manufactured by Juli Machinery has a number of patented technologies. It is the first to adopt the infinite variable pitch design and surpass international similar products. This product is mainly used for material transportation in a closed environment and is the preferred accessory product for environmental protection and energy conservation. Variable frequency speed regulation can be used to control the flow and realize quantitative dosing.


    Structure type:
    The screw feeder can be divided into three parts: a box body, a screw rod assembly, and a driving device.
    The auger assembly is composed of a feeding terminal, a discharging terminal, and a screw.





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