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What are the advantages of apron feeders?

Plate feeders are widely used in industrial sectors such as mining, metallurgy, building materials and coal. This machine is mainly used under silos and hoppers with certain silo pressure to uniformly and continuously transport various large-capacity materials to various crushing, Apron Feeder manufacturers screening and transportation equipment in a short distance, especially below the initial crushing. It is not only suitable for processing coarse-grained materials, but also for fine-grained materials.


Apron Feeder


It can complete heavy work in harsh environments, and has greater adaptability to changes in the particle size composition of the material, the influence of temperature, viscosity, frost, or frozen materials, and the feeding amount is uniform, accurate and reliable. During use, unloading materials and large pieces of materials are not allowed to directly impact the surface of the chain plate, and blasting on the surface of the chain plate is not allowed. The machine can be installed horizontally or tilted, and the maximum inclination angle for upward transportation is 25°.