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What are the characteristics of the components of the screw feeder?

(1) The screw feeder adopts convenient adjustment, stepless speed change, reliable performance, automatic, and the operation period can be set arbitrarily.

(2) The screw feeder adopts channel steel as the outrigger, which has high overall rigidity and good stability.

(3) The screw feeder is suitable for continuous and intermittent operation, which can meet the requirements of frequent start-stop and full-load start.

(4) All lubrication points are located outside the circular housing of the screw feeder. Lubricant for all rotating parts can be added at any time through the grease nozzle on the outside of the housing without stopping the machine.

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(5) The sturdy pressure-resistant shell of the screw feeder is made of monolithic carbon steel, and its design and structure comply with national standards and are tightly sealed; the appearance is standardized, the welding seam is smooth, and the welding quality is qualified.

(6) The screw feeder is well sealed.