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What are the conditions encountered during the operation of the belt conveyor that must be shut down?

Belt conveyor is a kind of material conveying equipment widely used in manufacturing enterprises. It is mainly composed of conveyor belts, drive motors, supporting equipment, control and protection devices, etc. Usually several Qinai mechanical belt conveyors are cascaded and crossed to form a complete conveying system to realize long-distance conveying of materials. The operating status of the belt conveyor is directly related to the safety of the conveying equipment and personnel during the production process.

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How to make the belt conveyor protection device efficiently, reliably and stably give full play to its role in production and operation has very important practical significance. It is very important that the belt conveyor is equipped with corresponding safety devices.

(1) The belt is torn, broken or broken.

(2) The belt is jammed.

(3) The frame is tilted, collapsed or severely deformed.

(4) The motor emits smoke and the temperature is too high; or the mechanical bearings and bushes are burned.

(5) The rotating gear is broken and the rotating shaft is broken.

(6) One of the multi-belt cascades fails and stops.

(7) Other accidents occur.