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Advantages of pipeline conveyor

Advantages of pipeline conveyor:

Compared with traditional belt conveyors, tube conveyors can solve larger tilt angles.

Due to the circular cross section, the contact area between the material and the belt is increased, thereby increasing the tilt angle by approximately 50% to as much as 27 degrees.

The role of the pipe conveyor is to convey the material into a rolled tubular or tubular belt, thereby providing an environmentally acceptable alternative to the traditional slotted belt.

The advantage of the pipe conveyor is that it can actively negotiate a sharp radius compared to other types of belt conveyors. For many, this advantage is considered the most important because it eliminates the transfer that is usually necessary when the belt direction is relatively sharp.

The idler forms a circle and constrains the belt on all sides, making it possible to bend relatively tight curves in any direction. The curve can be horizontal, vertical, or a combination of two planes.

Eliminating transfer stations also eliminates the need for additional pulleys, chutes, dust collection or suppression equipment, foundations and power distribution.

In addition, a pipeline conveyor can be installed in multiple curves, so that a pipeline conveyor can replace multiple conventional belt conveyors, as well as related conveying points and the above-mentioned auxiliary equipment.