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Which is better, a high or low voltage motor?

Actually they are not different. Usually the wind / line high voltage motor can be a low voltage motor or a high voltage motor.

In the case of high current and low voltage, it usually causes greater loss to the power supply of the motor, but inside the motor, the situation is the same.

For example, if your coil has 100 turns (in series) and runs at 100 volts and 1 amp, you can rewind it with 100 parallel turns and then run at 1 volt and 100 amps. The thickness of the wire and the current through the wire are the same on each turn, so the i ^ 2 R losses in the motor are the same and the same magnetic field is formed.

However, if the motor has more turns (but their thickness does not change), it is usually more efficient because resistance is proportional to the number of turns and the inductance has a square law. However, motors will also be heavier and must be designed to have more conductor space. But this is not the voltage itself.