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Common problems and how to deal with the powder material transport vehicle?

1: Unloading speed. The normal unloading speed is 1 cubic meter/Min, and the unloading speed of the whole vehicle is based on the actual carrying weight of the customer. Calculation method: cargo density X actual carrying volume (common cargo proportion, bulk cement 1.2:1, dry mixed mortar 1.6:1, bituminous coal ash 0.6:1)

2: Discharge distance. Convey 15-20 meters up and down,components of electric circuit and 30-40 meters horizontally. Actually, it is determined by factors such as the conveying medium and the unloading pressure on site.

3: The quantity of remaining material. No more than 1% of the cargo carried,

4: What is the difference between a bulk cement truck and a dry-mix mortar truck. The internal fluidized bed is different, and the appearance and external structure are the same. The dry-mixed mortar can pull the bulk cement, and the bulk cement cannot be the dry-mixed mortar.