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What are the preparatory work to be done for the test drive and loading of the reducer?

What conditions should the reducer have for trial operation and loading? Here is a brief introduction for everyone:

Test run conditions:

1. The reducer and accessory equipment pipelines have been constructed.

2. The installation level of the reducer has been adjusted within the required range.

3. The input and output shaft alignment has been adjusted within the required range.

4. Appropriate power has been provided on site, the reducer has been filled with lubricating oil as required, and it has been ensured that all rotating and frictional parts have been sufficiently infiltrated.

5. Relevant testing equipment has been prepared, with relevant qualified personnel,gear unit and emergency plan.

6. If a test run is required, the load medium has been prepared and the upstream and downstream equipment has been prepared.

7. The lubrication, hydraulic, cooling, water, gas (steam) and electrical systems, etc., shall undergo system inspection and testing, and meet the requirements for separate system debugging and host joint debugging, except for the completion of construction.

8. For parts that may cause damage to humans or mechanical equipment, the safety facilities and safety protection devices that must be adopted have been set up and comply with the relevant standards.

9. The personnel participating in the trial operation are all familiar with the relevant technical documents of the mechanical equipment, and have truly mastered the technical requirements of the trial operation.

10. The rotation direction of the motor should be the same as this design requirement, and the braking system should be effective.