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What are the common types of belt conveyor rollers?

The roller is the part that supports the conveyor belt and materials, and is also the most used part and the largest maintenance workload in the belt conveyor.

According to its function and installation position in the conveyor, it is divided into load-bearing rollers, idle rollers, stop rollers, buffer rollers and self-aligning rollers.


Wholesale Feeding Equipments


a) Flat idler

b) V-shaped idler

c) Three-roller trough idler

d) Hanging v-shaped idler

e) Hanging type three roller trough roller

f) Hanging type roller (five rollers)

g) No-load flat idler

h) No-load comb idler

i) No-load V-shaped roller

j) V-shaped comb roller

k) Hanging V-shaped comb roller

l) Vertical roller

m) Buffer flat roller

n) Three-roller buffer idler

o) Stop-roller self-aligning idler

p) Stop-roller no-load self-aligning idler (single roller)

q) Stop roller type no-load self-aligning roller (double roller)