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What are the precautions for the construction operation of the belt conveyor drum cold encapsulation?

(1) Preliminary preparation and polishing

1. The temperature is higher than 10℃, the relative humidity is less than 90%, and no water is allowed to drip. The site should be relatively dust-free, and measures such as windshield on the downwind side and an awning can be taken.

2. Grinding and polishing should be thorough, and no residual glue, rust spots, pits and flashes should be left.

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(2) Cleaning and transition

1. If the effect is not in place after applying the cleaning agent once, you can apply several times until the surface of the roller is clean and free of impurities.

2. The metal treatment agent SK363 should be applied evenly and thoroughly, and hot air drying should be used to dry it.

(3) Gluing and bonding

1. When applying SK313 glue evenly on the metal surface twice, brush one-way from one direction to the other to avoid air bubbles. You must wait for it to dry after each brushing before brushing the second time. The bonding surface is dry until it is not sticky. The best bonding time is the back of the fingers.

2. RIT rubber sheet with semi-vulcanized CN layer, only need to apply glue once to the adhesive surface of the rubber sheet. If it is an ordinary rubber sheet, you need to polish and clean the adhesive surface of the rubber sheet, and then apply glue twice.

3. Rolling and beating should be from the middle to both sides when encapsulating, so as not to generate bubbles and cause encapsulation to fail.

(4) Sealing treatment

1. Before sealing, the size should be calculated to avoid excessive gaps and bulging bubbles.

2. When filling the joints, use a knife to cut out the V-shaped opening at the joint of the rubber sheet. The width of the outer opening is 15mm.

3. It is best to cure for 8-24 hours after encapsulation.

Adopting high-quality materials and correct technology for encapsulation, the rubber sheet will fully cover the drum, tightly bond with the metal surface, without bulging, which can ensure the smooth operation of the belt without deviation, and enhance the transmission and friction of the drum. Stable transportation provides a reliable guarantee.